We are:
Biblical – Believing in the inspired Word of God as our sole rule of faith and practice.

Episcopal – Led by bishops in the historic line, but whose authority comes through the selection by God’s people, under God’s Providence.

Liturgical – Careful in our worship of Almighty God using liturgies based in Scripture, relevant to the needs of the worshipper, and free of any “high church” adornments. Our liturgical services are designed to focus only on Him, and not the worship leader or attempts to “entertain”.

Reformed – We hold fast to the Doctrines of Grace as God’s way of redeeming lost sinners. As such we maintain a line of evangelical, low church witness to the great truths of the Bible that is rooted in the English Reformation.

Our Vision

It is the goal of The Holy Trinity Anglican Church to be a branch of the Holy Catholic Church that is Evangelical in zeal for the primacy of the Scriptures and the proclamation of the Gospel, Catholic in the expression of “the faith once delivered to the saints” and orthodox in doctrine and morals. We stand in the Anglican tradition and our worship is based on the historic liturgies of the Church of England.

It is also our apostolic mission, through a well balanced approach to Christian formation, to enable all our people, ordained and lay, and especially our children and young people, to develop into effective ambassadors of Christ in the Church and in the world.

We are committed by our constitution to seek and maintain communion with other Churches and therefore it is our firm desire to seek full sacramental communion and visible unity with other Christians who worship God as Trinity and who hold the Catholic and Apostolic Faith revealed in the Scriptures.

In these times of realignment among Christians in the Serbia and globally our mission is to offer a home for all orthodox Christians (of Anglican or other backgrounds) who hold “that which was believed everywhere, always, and by all” (Vincent of Lerins), and, by a ministry of Word and Sacrament, to equip them to live and witness for Christ.